Scheduler and Production Planner

Scheduler and Production Planner

Responsible for scheduling of production orders to specific equipment; ensures that plates, tooling, and materials are available for the scheduled press dates; ensures that ship dates are met; communicates additional job-specific information needed to run the job. The position requires exercising judgment with respect to scheduling jobs and overtime, consulting with V.P. of Operations as necessary to ensure optimal efficiency and on-time delivery; communicates with production supervisors at shift changeover of any critical needs; communicates with and directs Purchasing and Customer Service teams on any materials related issues impacting a delayed customer delivery date; creates run lists to aid production in running to maximum efficiencies; determines expediting charges to the customer, as necessary.

Primary Tasks & Responsibilities (activities that occupy approx. 90% of time)

  • Reviews jobs in the Ready to Schedule list for Scheduling Notes
  • Assigns jobs to the appropriate press/equipment.  Whenever possible, schedule like jobs together for maximum efficiencies, including use of Run Lists.
  • Schedules jobs with best press date to try to achieve the customers requested ship date, allowing appropriate time for post press finishing activities.
  • Flags magnets for jobs requiring special actions such as Internal/Cust Approvals; Slitting Required; Catcher Needed; Inspection Needed; Ganged (material) Jobs.
  • Requests plates as needed to support on time delivery to press.
  • Prints Job Tickets, Attachments, and Bills of Material.
  • Assembles Job Tickets and Attachments, and places into appropriate colored sleeve, along with any other required items and delivers to Plate Area.
  • Brings jobs that are fully ready to the appropriate press and places in bin in the order in which they are planned to be run. 
  • Reviews Flagged for Reschedule list for jobs that need to be rescheduled due to stock or tooling dates.
  • Responds to email requests timely.
  • Communicates with customer service to ensure customer requests are met – i.e., press approvals, quantities, and ship dates – while maintaining awareness of jobs that are unusual or that require special attention in a timely manner.
  • Ensures that customer and AWT press approval requirements are coordinated.
  • Effective utilization of operator ability and equipment capability to ensure jobs are run in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible with the strengths of the operator in mind.
  • Review what is completed off press and adjust schedule, removing jobs that are complete or adjusting jobs that run long, including communicating with Finishing Supervisor on jobs that are of concern.
  • Schedule overtime as necessary and prepare a list for scheduling purposes.
  • Proactively communicates with customer service and Finishing Lead when jobs are expected to be late from press.
  • Creates and/or Reviews run lists and optimization, including meeting customer dates, and maximizing production efficiencies.
  • Reviews major pieces of business to ensure we have material availability to execute in full.  Work closely with purchasing group and Material Handlers to ensure we have materials available per schedule.
  • Work on system and workflow enhancements for Scheduling Systems to improve/automate information needs, including implementation of new or modified Scheduling Software.
  • Work with other depts to continue to identify and improve areas within our control that affect our ability to service our customers or cause inefficiencies in our day-to-day activities.

Secondary Tasks & Responsibilities (Occupies balance of time)

  • Identifies and helps drive Continuous Improvement activities to support the tasks of the department.
  • Reviews PTO Calendar and updates to Press Schedule, working with Production Manager to fill shifts with overtime as needed.
  • Communicates Next Available Press Dates at minimum 2 times per week.
  • Reviews open stock and tooling orders to ensure availability prior to scheduled production for minimal re-scheduling. 
  • Review next scheduled jobs for any jobs that do not have adequate materials to process.  Communicate as needed with Purchasing and CSR.
  • Monitor slit jobs and coordinate expediting – as necessary.
  • Communicate with Production Supervision – priorities – especially night supervisors at shift change.
  • Coordinate temp workers requirements for the pressroom.
  • Monitors Rewind/Packaging and Receiving Forecasts to avoid overscheduling to a particular day or period.

Physical Demands of the Job

N/A – desk job. Minimal strenuous activity.

Education and Experience Requirements

High school diploma – OR equivalent GED; 3 months training on scheduling program preferred; some knowledge of computers and computer operation.

Job Category: Support
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Minneapolis

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